Legislative Accomplishments

“No one does a better job in Annapolis promoting and fighting for the Eastern Shore than Delegate Jay Jacobs.  From issues facing our farmers, watermen and small business owners, Jay has been a true champion.  I have benefited greatly by Delegate Jacobs’ wise council on matters effecting the Eastern Shore.  Jay has my full support and endorsement for re-election.”  
Governor Larry Hogan

Current Positions of Effectiveness

  • Ranking Republican  Member – Environment & Transportation Committee
    • Member – National Resources, Agriculture & Open Space Subcommittee
    • Member – Motor Vehicles & Transportation Subcommittee
  • Member – Joint Committee On Administrative, Executive & Legal Review (AELR)
  • Chair – Kent County Delegation
  • Chair – House Republican Caucus
  • Founder & Chair – Commercial Watermen’s Caucus
  • Member – Fire/EMS Legislative Caucus
  • Member – Rural Counties Legislative Caucus
  • Member – Rural Health Care Delivery Workgroup
  • Appointed Legislative Representative – Maryland Dairy Industry Oversight & Advisory Council
  • Member – Nutrient Management Advisory Committee

Most Effective Republican in Maryland

I was especially pleased to receive The Maryland Business for Responsive Government’s 2014 John Shaw Award for a 97% Pro-Business Voting record during my first term in office. I received a 100% rating for each of the last four years.

“At a time when most Republican legislators cannot get a single bill passed, Delegate Jay Jacobs was able to get six bills signed into law. Jay’s ability to be effective in Annapolis is a great benefit to residents of the Eastern Shore and is testament to Delegate Jacobs’ ability to get things done.”
~ Jim Rich, Owner, The Inn at Huntingfield Creek
Chair, Economic Development Advisory Board, Kent County

During my first term in office I introduced 10 bills to preserve, protect and improve the Easter Shore – 6 of which were signed into law.  In my second term 18 of the bills that I introduced successfully passed out of both the House and Senate and became law.  During the last legislative session, I introduced 10 bills to preserve, protect and improve the Eastern Shore. I am pleased to announce that 6 of these bills were signed into law.

Bills that I sponsored :

PASSED – HB1240 – Watermen’s Right to Fish

PASSED – HB0192 – Provides licenses to micro brewers
PASSED – HB1505 – Increased dredging time for skipjacks

PASSED – HB0226 – Allows wine tasting events
PASSED – HB0242 – Creates program to reduce truancy
PASSED – HB0575 – Extends farm vehicle usage to 25 miles
PASSED – HB1135 – Increases organization game permits to 6
PASSED – HB1148 – Increases population of striped bass
PASSED – HB1153 – Prohibits commercial fishing nuisance suits

PASSED – HB0739 – Increases estate exemption to $5 million
PASSED – HB0814 – Education grants to Eastern Shore counties
PASSED – HB1024 – Funding for Upper Shore Regional Council
PASSED – HB1034 – Reduces school transportation costs

PASSED – HB0864 – Kent County – Board of Elections – Membership
PASSED – HB0877 – Kent County – Alcoholic Beverages – Class B Wine Shop and Lounge License

PASSED – HB0318 – Kent County – Fisheries – Use of Haul Seines
PASSED – HB0319 – Oysters and Clams – Dredging by Auxiliary Yawl – Authorized Boats
PASSED – HB0358 – Kent County – Prospective Employees and Volunteers – Criminal History Records Check

PASSED – HB0302 – Kent County – Property Tax Credit – Commerce Zones
PASSED –HB0305 – Kent County – Turkey Hunting on Private Property – Sundays
PASSED – HB0312 – Kent County – Deer Hunting – Sundays
PASSED – HB0524 – Public Health – Required Temperatures for Sale of Crab Meat – Repeal
PASSED – HB1035 – Motor Vehicles – Seasonal Exceptional Milk Hauling Permit
PASSED – HB1314 – Crabs – Harvest Times – Holidays

PASSED – HB0169 – Creation of a State Debt – Kent County – Camp Fairlee
PASSED – HB0225 – Kent County – Orphans’ Court Judges – Compensation
PASSED – HB0300 – Kent County – Alcoholic Beverages – Licenses
PASSED – HB1137 – Natural Resources – Fisheries – Commercial Oyster Divers
PASSED – HB1141 – Building Performance Standards – Agricultural Buildings Used for Agritourism – Exemption
PASSED – HB1172 – Oyster Poaching – Administrative Penalties
PASSED – HB1229 – Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation – Use of Land – Signs and Outdoor Advertising Displays

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